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If you are new to a dating site, especially Match, there's a 95% chance your first few hits are going to be from scammers.   People who aren't who they say they are, living somewhere besides where their profile states and utterly charming and normally pretty good looking, too. They always have romantic names, like this clown below: "loveyoumore".  I"ve created an infographic of his Match profile page for easy reference on how to instantly spot a scammer.

Now don't get me wrong, there are just as many female scammers as there are male, such as Peggy from Aken, South Carolina or is she Joan from Brooksville, Florida?
They both have the same email address. When you see something like this, you can be pretty sure there are one or two individuals, male or female, working these profiles out of a boiler room somewhere offshore.
The common goal of these scammers is to get your money, whatever way you can get it to them.
So why doesn't Match and the other dating sites do something to stop these scammers?  I got a hold of a supervisor at Match who confessed to me that they had absolutely no control over scammers getting on the site because they remotely accessed different IP addresses faster than they can keep up with them.  And they basically depended on members reporting these fleas to them so they can stomp them out.

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