March 3, 2015

Dear Diary,
I did it, I signed up on Match!

I took about two hours to fill out the profile and get some shots loaded.  But I'm ready.  And it was amazing but within about 30 minutes,  I had three really great-looking guys email me!

Raoul is drop-dead gorgeous, he should be an actor he's so handsome!  Can't believe he contacted me.  He even sent me his cell phone and wants me to text him!  I'll do that but have to get my nerve up, don't even know what to say except hi.

John Robert is also a looker, said he would like to talk on the phone but if that's too quick, we could email each other a little more. He sent me his Yahoo address and told me to contact him there because his Match subscription was ending tomorrow.

And the third guy, Estuardo, looks SOOOO familiar, but I don't know why! He reminds me of somebody...

It's driving me crazy.  But oh wow, what a start!  There's  more emails coming in, too!  How fun!  But also sort of stressful, too.  

March 6, 2015

Dear Diary,
What a whirlwind, but I'm off!

I've got an actual meeting arranged at Starbucks with someone tonight! His name is Jonathan and he's not nearly as cute as Raoul, John Robert or Estuardo, but he seems very nice and looks pretty good in his photos.

Raoul is on a business trip in Europe right now so won't be able to meet him for a few weeks.  But we are texting and he says he's in Prague and on his way to London.  That's so cool!  But this overseas texting has done something to my iPhone, the icons jumped around and changed places.  I told Raoul about this and he said it's just the time difference, not to worry.

John Robert has sent me the MOST romantic emails, telling me really quite too soon that he thinks he's in love with me! So we're IM'ing on Yahoo every night. He says we'll meet soon but won't be available until his mother, who is sick, is a little better.

And Estuardo seems to have just disappeared! His profile is completely missing. The screen that comes up when I try to find his profile says, "Ooops, that profile can't be found. Try these other great members!" What?

March 6, 2015 - 10:15pm

Dear Diary,
OMG, what a fraud!
Met with Jonathan tonight.

He was seated at a table when I walked in, looking very sophisticated with his hornrim glasses and a James Joyce novel in his hands.  Hey, he looked good from the door, I was feelin' it.  But I was NOT happy when he stood to give me a hug and his face just barely made the top of my boobs!

I was seething inside, I just KNEW that I saw in his profile that he was 5'10". I'm 5'8" and it's sort of important to me for the man to be taller. But this clown had to be 5'4" at best. But I kept my cool, smiled, and sat down. Then he bent over and asked what I would like to drink. I told him a double caramel mocha and I couldn't believe it. He said, "Are you sure you can afford all those calories?" and glanced down at my thighs! S.O.B! I got up and walked out. Who needs this?